Bex Harvey and Christian Azzola are UK-based writers and filmmakers, working in film and TV. They co-wrote the Oscar-winning short film SING and the comedy horror IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME for Sky Arts. Although they both began individually in comedy, they write in a variety of styles and genres, including drama, crime and horror. Their work often features their varied passions, such as music, youth cultures and comedy.

Bex Harvey first had a poem published in a local paper at the age of 10. She was always Mary in the Nativity - due to looking so solemn - until she graduated to being cast as witches and bitches. Her earliest ambition was to ride around the land on a horse with a sword and shield, righting wrongs and writing poems. Her second ambition was to be David Bowie. After working in a very old library she became a fashion writer and stylist, before moving into comedy writing and performing. Bex's particular areas of interest and knowledge include history (especially the medieval period, Scottish history and the Viking sagas), 19th century British literature, 20th century popular culture and the British countryside. She is also frequently asked for directions by strangers, despite having an utterly hopeless sense of direction. Her current ambition is to live on a croft by the sea with horses and learn to play the harp.

Christian Azzola fell in love with cinema (and Tinkerbell and Snow White's evil stepmother) at a very young age. His passion for film was matched by his love of music, comedy and travel, and has to date visited over 23* countries, many more than once. In between seeing the world and meeting all kinds of people - from Indian fakirs to New Zealand pop stars (and dancing with Zulus) - he has written sketches for various TV shows and short films for the big screen. One of his most prized possessions is a personalised David Bowie autograph. He currently lives on a croft by the sea and plays the harp surrounded by horses.

Amongst a myriad of influences, we are inspired by: Childhood and coming-of-age stories, fairy tales and folklore, dysfunctional families and female friendships, outsiders and underdogs, European cinema and British literature, folk horror and mysterious appearances, nature and the countryside and tales of revenge and retribution.